DR BRENDA'S HOLISTIC PET SERVICES holistic consulting/wellness products for RADICALLY HEALTHY PETS
DR BRENDA'S HOLISTIC PET SERVICES holistic consulting/wellness products    for RADICALLY HEALTHY PETS  
Cat stretch on bed ready for vet services right at home. Relaxed MaxCat


 Wellness consultations by telephone so you can be in the comfort of your own home!!!

Dr Brenda and some of her farm pals
Cody HandsomeBoy Bernhardt
PrettyGirl Eli Bernhardt
Max CoolDude Bernhardt hanging out in the library
Kink ToughGuy Bernhardt beating up the snow
Rosie and Buddha hangin'
Vera sunning
the Girls following shovelled out paths
Dr Brenda and Rosie
loving our pets Blended families
Peaceful at home
Examining a Berkshire gilt
Checking out the pigs in their home field
Wilbur and Charlotte ready for their exam
Farm Calls for Pigs A couple Berkshire pigs
Mollison the handsome Berkshire boy
Farm Calls for Goats Beautiful baby Nubian doeling
Farm calls for goats Checking over a Nubian doe and her baby
Fun day at the beach!
Cool Max
Dr. Brenda with her best friend Cody


Check out Dr. Brenda's new line of holistic wellness products for radically healthy pets!

Now available on line!!!


For Holistic Wellness Care

for your dogs and cats



Telephone Consults House Calls

Dr. Bernhardt is pleased to announce that the housecall vehicle for Dr Brenda's Holistic Pet Wellness is  running on biodiesel from Cowichan Biodiesel Co-op in Duncan.  

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